April 19, 2018 vigilancehit

Vigilance Health New Product / Services Launch

April 19, 2018

Dear Vigilance Health partners and future partners,

I’m thrilled to be announcing some big news. Vigilance Health is leading the way to realigning healthcare delivery and reimbursement—so our partners can thrive in the new age of accountable care.

Our whole team is celebrating today with the launch of our New Population Health Service Lines. Your advice and feedback has been so helpful as we shaped these important new services—thank you!

We’re excited to give you the power to take advantage of new value-based care reimbursements and alternative payment methods. Now you can get paid while transitioning to value-based care.

But to thrive in this era of health reform, organizations need to adopt a more patient centered approach and provide services offering a high impact on outcome scores.

So we combined care management, quality improvement, and practice transformation services with population health IT. This enabled us to provide a “turn-key solution” for healthcare organizations, private practices, and community health centers who see the value of population health services.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • These Population Health Service Lines can be launched in just a few weeks, with no financial risk, no provider or staff burden, and no out of pocket expense.
  • They will help get your patients (especially those with chronic conditions) better managed, engaged, and able to take a proactive role in managing their health.
  • You’ll have effective, profitable, and sustainable prevention and wellness programs led by population health nurses and care managers.
  • Your organization will be able to generate new revenue streams, increase margins, and improve profitability with quality bonuses and incentives, higher reimbursements, and new FFS payments for PHM services.
  • Every healthcare organization is different, so we’re also offering several implementation options, each of them tailored to your specific needs.

Our goal is to help you leverage new value-based revenue opportunities, improve quality scores, and reduce provider / administrative burdens. And these new services will enable you to measure, demonstrate, and ultimately improve patient outcomes—without needing to invest in technology, staff or training.

Yes, it’s possible—and we’ve done it!

For more information, just give Mark Davis or Ryan Russell a call at (855) 599-2261 or send us an email at contact@vigilancehit.com. Thanks again for a great year!


James Coburn
CEO, Vigilance Health, Inc

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