Telehealth & RPM

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

The secret to improving patient outcomes

Remote patient monitoring, especially during this era of COVID-19, has become an even more important and essential service. With the new advancements in Telehealth and remote patient monitoring, the future of healthcare is becoming more focused on remote care.

Remote patient monitoring and telehealth services aren’t a replacement for regular doctor visits, but actually go hand-in-hand with them. When a patient usually visits there doctor, the goals set by doctors and patients in those appointments are often left unchecked for 3-6 months! This prevents patients from progressing in there treatment plans, and leaves doctors frustrated with no courses of action.

Consistent and effective Remote Patient Monitoring is the obvious solution to this age old problem!

What is Remote Patient Monitoring? At its core, it achieves three important goals;

  • Improves Patient Outcomes by monitoring patients progress outside of the doctors office
  • Gets Patients more involved in there own care, by setting goals and keeping treatment plans relevant
  • Allows doctors to more accurately coordinate treatment using months of additional data collected through Remote Patient Monitoring

The Patient Journey

Its important to have patients engaged in treatment. The path to treatment and recovery should include consistent check ups, coaching, education, and most importantly clear and concise communication!

With our care managers collaborating with a patients doctor, everyone becomes more informed and patients are more likely to have positive outcomes and a positive experience through there treatment.


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