August 5, 2020 vigilancehit

US Department HHS Update

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Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a second extension of the application period for Medicaid and CHIP providers to apply for payments from the Provider Relief Fund (PRF). The new deadline for applications is Friday, August 28.

Further, HHS announced that starting on August 10, providers who received automatic payments from the general distribution (the initial $30 billion from the PRF that HHS distributed based on Medicare FFS utilization) and did not apply to receive additional funds at that time will be given another opportunity to apply.

This reopened application period will last from August 10 to August 28. This should allow providers who received nominal payments to apply and receive the intended total payment of two percent of net patient revenue.

The attached email contains additional information, and an HHS press release on these steps can be accessed here:


We encourage you to investigate these additional opportunities and take advantage of these extensions.


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