August 14, 2020 vigilancehit

Olympic Healthcare Sales Closer

Vigilance Health Inc.

Engage Health Systems. Build relationships. Deliver Value. Transform Healthcare.


We are the premier provider of virtual Population Health and Care Management services in the nation. We work directly with health system leadership to address their top 2 burning questions: (1) how can we improve patient outcomes, and (2) how can we increase our revenue?

Vigilance provides a NO risk, NO upfront cost, and zero expenditure set of solutions that is proven to impact patient outcomes while creating a new revenue streams for the health system customers. Our growth has been phenomenal over the past 3 years.

Put simply, what we are selling is increased revenue and better patient outcomes with zero upfront cost. All of our services are designed to provide our clients with additional revenue and better patient outcomes. We have been selling our services remotely for several years. We’ve removed all the sales obstacles; all you need is the ability to develop relationships.

Our ideal candidate is an experienced Sales Closer in the Healthcare IT or Healthcare consulting industries who has proven experience building, managing, and growing client relationships with the C-suite of large health systems. Your past successes have included consistently meeting monthly sales goals and expanding relationships with current clients by growing existing services and selling additional products and services. You are knowledgeable about the movement in healthcare towards value-based or outcome-based care and understand the value proposition of population health and care management.

You are looking for an organization where you can earn base, commission, and recurring revenue while helping health systems improve patient outcomes and generate additional revenue. You welcome challenges and see obstacles as opportunities for innovation and success. You value the flexibility to work remotely or in the office and have a passion for finding new ways to help your prospects and clients. We can help you achieve your goals while making a difference.

At Vigilance, your frontline efforts drive the relationships and partnerships that empower us to revolutionize healthcare delivery. You stay current with client and healthcare industry news and look for opportunities to solve problems and provide value. You build meaningful relationships with your team, clients, and prospects to enable Vigilance to provide critical high-quality population health and care management services to their patients. With you leading the way, Vigilance will bring its transformative virtual healthcare services to all corners of our nation in the next 2 to 3 years.

To achieve our goals, we are in a strong growth mode and need to expand our workforce by 10 sales managers and closers over the next 3 to 6 months. You will be responsible for building your sales pipeline and meeting monthly sales activities and metrics. You will engage your prospects and clients virtually through consistent outreach, building rapport and trust, and by providing leadership, education, and value.

The Olympic Sales Closer has an opportunity to earn a base, commission, and recurring revenue off of their sales. This person understands the massive transformation the healthcare industry is going through and recognizes the opportunity to increase revenue and patient outcomes for health systems with zero risk and zero cost to the clients. We operate in a low competitive environment and expect it to remain this way for several years.

If this is who you are, or if you have a colleague who would thrive in this environment, come join our team and make a difference in our patients’ lives!

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