March 27, 2024 vigilancehit

CPCA Quality & Technology 2024 Conference Presentation

Embracing Medicare: Transforming Care for Aging Populations

Last week at the CPCA Quality and Technology Conference in Long Beach, CA, a groundbreaking collaboration between Vigilance Health and Bay Area Community Health (BACH) unveiled innovative strategies to enhance care for the aging population under Medicare. Our Executive Director, James Coburn, alongside Dr. Harsha Ramchandani, CMO of Bay Area Community Health, led an enlightening presentation on “Embracing Medicare: Quality Care Strategies for Aging Populations.”




A United Front in Healthcare Innovation

This collaboration underscores our commitment to pioneering healthcare solutions that not only address the current needs but also anticipate the future of health care populations. With a focus on chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, and integrating comprehensive patient-centered care management, our strategies are designed to propel 

healthcare forward, ensuring that quality care is accessible and effective for all, especially our aging communities.




The Power of Partnership

James Coburn, with his extensive background in healthcare IT and population health management, alongside Dr. Ramchandani, a seasoned healthcare professional dedicated to improving lives, shared their combined expertise. Together, they illuminated the path forward in managing the health needs of the rapidly growing Medicare demographic, emphasizing innovation, partnership, and a deep commitment to patient care.





Our Conference Experience: A Hub of Collaboration

Apart from the presentation, the conference was a vibrant hub for exchanging ideas, rekindling old connections, and forging new ones. Our team had the opportunity to exhibit, sharing insights and learning from other healthcare professionals, which only deepened our resolve to drive meaningful change in the healthcare industry.



Join Us on This Journey

We believe that our experiences and partnerships position us uniquely to support health centers in enhancing patient outcomes through tailored population health strategies. If your health center is looking to innovate and improve care for aging populations, we invite you to book a 30 minute meeting with us so that we can collaborate on solutions tailored to your health center’s unique needs.

Schedule a Meeting

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your health center’s services with our expertise and partnerships. Plus, at every conference, we offer a custom population health strategy report for your health center to help you visualize the impact of a robust population health strategy.

Looking forward to meeting more amazing members of our community at the next conference. Together, let’s redefine healthcare for our aging populations.


Images courtesy of Vigilance Health and California Primary Care Association on Linkedin