May 8, 2024 Melyssa Beaudry

CMS Office of Minority Health: Health Equity Data Resource

Health Equity Data Definitions, Standards, and Stratification: New Resource Available

May 7, 2024: The CMS Office of Minority Health has released a new resource document of health equity-related data definitions, standards, and stratification practices.

Review the new resource: CMS’ Resource of Health Equity-related Data Definitions, Standards, and Stratification Practices.

This resource offers a table of suggested definitions, standards, and stratification practices for 9 health equity-related data elements as well as several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the purpose and usage of the document. It may also clarify differences in results that may arise when different data standards and definitions are sued.

Providers, states, community organizations, researchers, and others collecting and or stratifying their health equity-related data can make use of this resource to align with CMS.

CMS and HHS will continue to work to improve health equity for all. Recently, HHS released the HHS Equity Action Plan. HHS has selected 5 areas of focus for our 2023 equity action plan. These actions are a selection of HHS’s work to advance equity. They correspond with HHS 2022-2026 strategic plan and key Biden-Harris Administration priorities for HHS. The plan also sits in parallel to specific efforts related to equity within HHS’s family of agencies, such as the National Institute of Health’s strategic plan for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, the Administration for Children and Families’ equity in action commitments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s CORE commitment to equity and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ framework for equity. As such, this plan should be considered a portion, but not the total, of our efforts to ensure that all people can enjoy optimal health and wellbeing.

Today, this CMS document speaks to the HHS Equity Action Plan Strategy #2: Promote Accessible and Welcoming Health Services for All to assist in bettering the evidence base to advance health equity. CMS is committed to advancing health equity and improving health equity related data. Learn more about the CMS Framework for Health Equity and additional health equity data efforts from CMS.

Source: CMS Office of Minority Health

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