Chronic Care Management Staffing

Chronic Care Staffing

Vigilance Health, in coordination with your practice, will staff your entire Care Management program in accordance with Medicaid requirements for CCM program!

Chronic Care Staffing

At Vigilance Health, we understand how daunting CCM, and meeting Medicaids requirements for reimbursement can be. Not only is it daunting to meet the minimum required patient to care manager benchmarks, but also to meet the chronic care staffing necessary to treat each patient. Not to mention the time and resources dedicated to train each and every care manager. With one wrong move, you could loose the reimbursement revenue needed to fund such a program, and a great opportunity to treat patients can quickly turn into a unnecessary burden.

That’s where we come in!

Vigilance Health has a full office of chronic care staffing care managers, all who are trained and practiced in managing patients chronic conditions. Be sure that once patients leave the doctors office, Vigilance Health will be by there side all the way. A Guaranteed reimbursement model, with personal and special care for each and every patient in our program, Vigilance Health as your partner in practice will create improved patient outcomes and patient involvement.

Chronic Care Staffing Team

Vigilance Health offers a team of Chronic Care Staffing, with dedicated Chronic Care Staffing Managers for each and every patient. As Patients and Care Managers build a relationship, care managers can always be asked for by name, and conversations between patients and care managers become less of a chore; Our goal is to get patients comfortable calling our team and opening a dialogue for true, bilateral care management.

Our Chronic Care Staff are trained professionals with years of experience managing and communicating with patients, and will be a delighted addition to a patients treatment, and future doctor-patient relations.

Summary of Service:

Vigilance Health’s Chronic Care Management service is comprehensive, and includes extensive record keeping of all patients important health information, maintenance of a patients ECP, alterations of care and care management services, Chronic Care Staffing, and coordinating patient care plans and health data with partnered practices. Vigilance Health focuses on a solid and dependable relationship between patients and care managers, supporting patients with treatment of there chronic conditions and successful achieving personal health goals. Vigilance Health offers 24/7 care and health information, including but not limited to preventive health care, patient and care manager relationship, chronic care staffing, and coordinating with a patients doctor office with regular update’s on each patient.

The webinar below is lead by two healthcare delivery & reimbursement experts talk about a few of the reimbursement programs offered in the CCM program, and how to take advantage of new CPT codes, performance bonuses, and quality incentives.

NOW is the time to take a proactive step toward a more patient-centric value-based care model—and take advantage of the programs that reward you financially for improved care coordination, higher quality, and decreased costs.


Vigilance Health is ready to lead you into the future of Value-Based Healthcare. We're here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and create an effective solution for your value-based care delivery and reimbursement needs.