About Us

Vigilance Health applies its deep experience and insight in health care operations to solve health information technology and interoperability problems for physician practices, hospitals, and other health care organizations.

Vigilance Health, Inc. is the parent company of the Gold Coast Health I.T. Resource Center , a trusted resource for technical assistance through the Regional Extension Center program. Vigilance Health operates the federally designated Extension Center for 21 California counties.

Why We Are Qualified

Our team is made up of HIE visionaries, pioneers, and pragmatists who have worked side-by-side with California providers for over two decades to make Health IT work. We understand what drives the business of healthcare and systems that optimize the practice of medicine in a new world of health reform.

How We Solve Problems

Our team is with you every step of the way – from selecting and implementing the best solution to helping you make the most of your investment day-to-day.

We’ve done the legwork to select the HIE platform and technology partners with the most flexibility to assure that your specific business requirements are met and your interoperability needs are solved.

Leadership Team

James Coburn, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

James Coburn’s passion for improving the business of healthcare with the use of technology led him to develop the , an organization that supports over 2,000 providers and provider organizations in using EHRs. Mr. Coburn has over 24 years of healthcare information technology experience. He’s worked with multiple organizations aiding them with the adoption and implementation of technology automated point of care documentation.  He pioneered Medical Wellness Centers of America with the vision of integrated care, thus resulting in the systematic coordination of general and behavioral healthcare under one roof. To support this delivery methodology, his team developed an interdisciplinary electronic medical record (EMR) that was marketed and used nation-wide.  Mr. Coburn brings all of his experience in applying technology and business solutions to Vigilance Health. Mr. Coburn has a keen understanding of how to introduce, develop, and implement technology solutions to support care delivery and payment reform.

Laura Landry, Executive Vice-President and Co-Founder

Laura Landry’s passion for improving the delivery of healthcare services is fueled by her own encounter with the healthcare system for a problem that required the coordination of care across two geographies and seven different care settings in February, 2000. Since then, she has invested most of her time and energy into innovation to support providers and other operations to efficiently and effectively provide services while improving the quality of the patient experience during healthcare encounters. She is a strong advocate for practical, effective solutions to persistent operational problems that plague the complex healthcare landscape.

Prior to this position, she served as the Interim Chief Executive Officer for Cal eConnect. Before that, Ms. Landry served as the founder and executive director of the Western Health Information Network (WHIN), formerly Long Beach Network for Health, a founding member of the Nationwide Health Information Network and a health information organization that served the Los Angeles County region. Ms. Landry has been a thought leader in developing innovative way health information technology can improve patient care and privacy, business efficiency, public health functions, and serve communities. Prior to her current post, Ms. Landry was the technology coordinator with the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services. She served as co-chair of the California eHealth Technical Advisory Committee and is a founder and board member of the California eHealth Collaborative. Ms. Landry graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BS in computer information systems.

Martin Devon, Executive Vice-President and Co-Founder

Martin Devon is a creative leader who builds teams that tackle the most difficult challenges. For the past 4 years he has been applying his expertise at Healthcare interoperability, serving as COO and interim CEO for Western Health Information Network.

Mr. Devon’s deep information technology expertise and ability to build community around a common goal have benefitted organizations in many verticals. He has served as a senior technology and operations executive for Fortune 500 companies the entertainment and manufacturing industries.