New models of patient care and wellness are driving new business models in healthcare. These new models require new methods of communication and information management. Other industries have moved through these same types of transformation, and now it is healthcare’s turn.

Technology has the ability to enable new models of care and communication that will benefit patients, providers, and caregivers.

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The article below highlights the multiple challenges facing you as you make these changes, and notice that “cost” and “technology” add up to a total of 40%. It’s our specialty to support you in this effort.

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shutterstock_112020776Top Challenges of ACO Creation

A February 2011 Accountable Care Organizations e-survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network set out to assess the industry’s awareness of and readiness for ACOs.

Responses provided by 228 healthcare organizations, submitted before CMS released its proposed rule, indicate that a significant segment of the industry is reframing its care delivery structure as an ACO or will do so in the near future. According to respondents, the top five challenges of ACO creation are:

  • Cost (22 percent)
  • Staff/management buy-in (20 percent)
  • Other (18 percent)
  • Reimbursement (12 percent)
  • Evidence-based care (8 percent)